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Our well tested approach to every project

Past customers consistently look back at their interaction with Honea Construction as a seamless flow of basic steps that felt natural. You have experienced the perfect remodeling process when you feel informed and in control from start to finish and you know you can rely on the expertise and professionalism of your contractor.


Just call Eric at 630-362-9094 anytime and you will receive a prompt in home consultation anywhere in Chicagoland. During this complimentary appointment there is an exchange of ideas and your questions are answered directly. Your view of the project will come into focus and we will better understand what you are looking for as we talk through the options. Let us know if there are photos from our extensive photo gallery which catch your eye. Feel free to share pictures you have saved from magazines or other sources. Finally we will take the critical measurements we need for in office computer design.

Design and estimating

Information from the consultation is used to create a scaled drawing for the project and a written estimate. You will receive both by email within 24 hours of the consultation. The drawing is yours to keep and comes with no obligation. The email will include any contact information you have requested for suppliers of fixtures you will need for your project. A text message from Honea Construction will notify you that the email has been sent.

Ordering fixtures

Honea Construction does not sell materials or fixtures. We will communicate and coordinate directly with the supplier or retailer you select. We are happy to review any list of proposed items before you order. Honea Construction typically picks up construction materials and supplies [lumber, drywall, etc]so you can concentrate on selecting fixtures and finish items like tile, appliances, and cabinets. You reimburse Honea Construction for materials we pick up for you but there is no mark up or delivery charge.


Before signing our work proposal you will be offered an approximate date for the project to start based on your calendar, expected delivery date of ordered fixtures, and our own availability. When that time is closer we can pinpoint the exact start date. We can also predict for you the approximate duration for your project. After you have told us about your typical schedule we will find a way to make our flexible work hours accommodate your lifestyle with minimal interruption. We do not start and then abandon projects. We consistently give you a completed and beautiful project on time.


Terms of payment are clearly spelled out in your proposal. No deposit is required in the form of a prepayment. You make a small payment at the end of the first working day and then you pay at the end of each week based on the percentage of completion. You are not asked to pay more for these weekly ‘draws’ than you agree is accurate and fair.

Follow Up

Our goal is to add you to our long list of happy customers who look back on the personal service and stunning end product they received as a truly great experience. You may call Eric anytime to receive the same prompt attention you received before the project. We do not limit response and accountability to a set period of one year. Please feel free to call us if your project needs attention at any point in the future.


Rigid company policies and legal fine print do not define our business or describe our interaction with you. To us remodeling is personal and we move ahead with the old fashioned idea of building relationships. In any good relationship there is give and take, trust, and mutual concern. If you can look back and see that we are passionate about making friends and not customers then we have succeeded.